Seascape is founded by Martijn Juijn and active in the Netherlands since 1992. It was his father Tom Juijn who interested him in the underwater world. Tom started as a royal Dutch navy diver and later worked as a diving instructor and as a salvage master for Smit Tak.Martijn learned as a young boy the first steps of diving! He wanted to be able to bring the underwater world to the surface so he developed body’s for his camera’s and even a underwater scooter! The interest for finding solutions for every problem is a continuous thread in his life and the basis of the development of Seascape. During his study, at the university of Delft maritime engineering, Martijn improved his knowledge. When the first ROV were introduced early ’90 he developed a great interest in the possibilities of ROV’s.

After his study he started as a commercial diver and travelled around the world diving in diverse conditions and circumstances. From salvage work to surveying to special assignments he always was looking for improvements of the available equipment to finish the job quicker better and saver.

All these experiences is used to developed the company into an all- round maritime company with state of the art subsea technology equipment! The basis of Seascape is located in a modern facility where equipment can be build tested and serviced. With 10 specialists in electronics, diving equipment, offshore and underwater civil construction equipment.