IMCA compliant Diver Control Container

Seascape Subsea Technology is proud to annouce that it has completed a new diver control container for the firm Bodac BV. In order to guarantee that their specialised services are of the highest level, Bodac has invested in a new IMCA compliant and Lloyds witnessed diving system. This system, has been designed specifically for UXO Clearance. This means that Bodac can autonomously carry out specialised services concerning UXO Clearance in Germany.

The DCC is a complete 2 diver Air/Nitrox diving control container for diving up the 50 m water depth, it is IMCA compliant and Lloyds witnessed. The container is divided in 3 compartments. The control compartment is fully isolated. The front compartment has the main entrance door to the middle compartment, the control room. The front compartment also contains the umbilical brackets with umbilical’s, Bailout sets and a helmet cabinet including Kirby Morgan SL27 helmets.

The middle compartment contains the main diver control console. The diver console has a diver gas panel, a 2 diver communication unit with video & light control and recording, a 15” and a 21,5” monitor and a marine VHF. The system is connected with a PC with video software. Also inside this compartment you will find an air-conditioning unit, smoke detection system, cabinet with complete MAD-B-DMAC15 set, heater, a sitting bench which also contains 2 emergency breathing apparatus and a fire extinguisher.

The third compartment which is accessible from the backside of the container, is the engine/storage room. This compartment contains a high pressure compressor, 4x 140 litre/300 Bar bottles, heater, workbench, fan, high pressure switch panel and a fire extinguisher. For more info click here.