The DTG2 ROV is a massive deviation in design from all other ROVs on the market. Engineering discipline and clean sheet design have allowed Deep Trekker to bring all the capability of larger, more expensive ROVs in one economical, fully portable package. On-board batteries and lightweight, handheld control mean the DTG2 is truly portable. Other micro ROVs claim to be portable, then the fine print outlines that you need a “topside box” or must carry a power source with you. This is not the case with the Deep Trekker DTG2. The 19.2 VDC system voltage is completely contained within the submersible, meaning the DTG2: has a small light weight tether, requires lower system voltage, is extremely portable & does not require any external power source. In short, when you have some underwater exploring to do, you just grab your Deep Trekker DTG2 and go!

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