Easytrak Lite

Easytrak Lite is an Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) underwater positioning and tracking system that has developed a solid reputation for reliable, positional accuracy and versatility.

The system consists of a transducer and cable, a 2U rack mounted console and operating software. The Easytrak Lite system is completed by one of Applied Acoustics’ beacons attached to the target object, though up to 4 individually identified subsea targets can be positioned simultaneously.

Both the system itself and the accompanying software interface have been developed and refined for uncomplicated user-friendly operation, so that even a relatively inexperienced user can proceed very efficiently and with confidence.

The ETM902C transducer is designed specifically to be small and relatively heavy, allowing it to be suspended by the cable supplied with the system. Alternatively, a range of fittings are available for a variety of deployment methods, from a simple scaffold arrangement to a complex through hull gate valve based system.

New Lite software provides fresh intuitive graphical user interface, compatible with current console firmware and Windows 7, with graphics support for all monitors.

The improved user interface includes:

  • Intuitive drop down menu structure
  • Improved peripheral sensor integration and system communications configuation
  • Automatic UTM zone calculator
  • Added ‘Short Cuts’ for single click Beacon Enable and Waypoint Marking
  • Beacon Channel Selection/Configuration improved
  • Added Print functionality for Logged Events, Waypoints or Screen Dumps
  • Accurate and stable
  • Easy and intuitive to operate
  • Software and upgrades available on CD
  • High performance, cost-effective
  • Underwater survey and inspection
  • Subsea construction sites
  • Cable and pipeline route surveys
  • Hydro-graphical and geotechnical surveys
  • Nearshore construction and salvage

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