Energy Sources, CSP Units

Output, per-shot, 50 or 100JCSP-L

This energy source is compact and ideal for inshore operations where high resolution and penetration of the seabed geology is required.

Typical applications would include general coastal, river or estuary surveying, checking pipeline crossings, searching at marine archaeological locations or hydrographic sediment studies.

The smallest of the AAE energy sources, the CSP-L is designed for use on coastal vessels. The energy source output, at either 50 or 100 Joules, provides the seismic sound source, typically a boomer plate, with ideal levels of power for shallow water applications.

In conjunction with the AA251 Boomer Plate the CSP-L produces excellent sharp sound pulse for high resolution imagery, ideal as part of AAE’s Inshore Boomer System.

Output, per shot, 350JCSP-P

Designed to be the lightest 350 Joule power source, the CSP-P utilises cutting edge power supply technology to produce a small unit with an exceptional power output.

Developed primarily as a power source for boomer plates, the CSP-P operates in excess of 300J at 3pps, the offshore industry standard specification, and as such is regarded as the power supply of choice throughout the world.

The CSP-P now incorporates the unique innovative feature first developed for the CSP-D, the Dual Voltage Output, giving the unit exceptional versatility. By adjusting the voltage output, switchable on the front panel, greater penetration can be achieved from the boomer plate sound source.

CSP-N (Reverse Polarity)
Output, per shot, 1200JCSP-N1200

The CSP-N1200 is the driving force behind the Dura-Spark range of sound sources that have extremely hard wearing electrode sparker tips. This durability is a consequence of the CSP’s reverse polarity high voltage charger and unique proprietary thyristor switching.

Featuring all of the standard safety systems and operational functions found accross the entire range of CSP energy sources, the CSP-N1200 is also suitable for use with the S-Boom System and single boomer systems.

Output, per shot, 700J or 1200J or 2400JCSP-D Energy source

The CSP-D range represents the latest in a long line of products constantly setting industry standards for performance. With the advantage of improved technologies, these units have quickly become the benchmark ‘work-horse’ seismic power supply.
The CSP-D range has three versions available all based on the same chassis and all with a charging rate of 1500J/second, producing up to 700J, 1200J or 2400J per shot respectively:

CSP-D700 Energy output at 50-700 Joules, ideal for AA251 and AA301 boomer plates, and sufficient energy for Squid 501 Sparker.
CSP-D1200 Energy output up to 1200 Joules, for higher energy sparkers such as the Squid 2000.
CSP-D2400 Energy output to 2400 Joules, for boomer plates and larger sparkers.

The unique innovative feature of the CSP-D is the dual voltage output, giving the product exceptional versatility. By adjusting the voltage output, switchable on the front panel, greater penetration can be achieved from the boomer plate sound source.

Output, per shot, 500 – 12,000JEnergy source, CSP-S

The CSP-S is a compact ‘all in one’ power source for marine sparker applications, specifically the Applied Acoustics’ Delta Sparker, used when very high penetration sub-bottom profiles are required. To allow for reduced cost and weight, the unit can be supplied as a 1250J, 4000J, 6000J or 12,000J variant and allows for subsequent upgrades, with no requirements for separate capacitor banks.

The high charge rate allows for fast, high energy sound pulses from sparker and high power boomer sound sources.

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