Sound Source, Sparkers

Squid 501 Sparker

Squid 501 SparkerThe Squid 501 Sparker is a compact sound source affixed to a high voltage cable. It is used to obtain better penetration of seabed profiles when geological conditions are difficult.

Key features
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Robust nylon construction
  • Easy to use. Simply clips to a High Voltage cable and towed by vessel.
  • Supplied with RMK connectors as standard. Optional Joy Plugs.
  • Field replaceable electrodes available
  • Choice of tip designs
Squid 2000 Sparker

The Squid 2000 is intended for high resolution applications with low electrical power input and high penetration. It is stable under tow and can be easily adjusted for array depth for the best possible pulse shape.

Key features
  • Versatile – array depth can be adjusted and different sparker tips can be used to increase resolution
  • High amplitude short duration pulse with minimal reverberation. Significant penetration at 300- 2000J range
  • Planar horizontal electrode design for excellent seabed footprint
  • Fitted with RMK connectors as standard.
  • Lightweight, compact and easily deployed
  • Field replaceable electrodes
Dura-Spark 240

The Dura-Spark has been designed to provide a stable, repeatable sound source for sub-bottom geophysical surveys. The long life, durable electrodes produce a consistent pulse signature and keep operational maintenance to a minimum. This provides increased survey efficiency and equipment reliability as the sparker tips rarely need replacement.

Key features
  • Long life, durable electrodes
  • Pulse stability
  • High resolution sub-bottom data, up to 25cm.
  • Operator selectable source depth
  • Tip array selection from on board junction box
Delta Sparker

The Delta Sparker is currently the most powerful sparker available in the range and is intended for deeper penetration sub-bottom profiling. Stable under tow, the frame is buoyed and is easily deployed. The design incorporates a simple adjustment for optimum array depth, to achieve the best possible pulse shape.

Key features
  • 1000 – 12,000 Joule Sparker compatible with the CSP-D2400 and CSP-S energy sources (and older CSP designs)
  • 2.5 metre triangular tow frame, supplied with buoys
  • Facility to adjust tow depth
  • Modular construction
  • Replaceable electrodes for easy field maintenance

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