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Birns Rubber Molded

Rubber Molded (RM): BIRNS Aquamate Rubber Connectors are ideal for light-to-medium power or signal applications where weight and/or magnetic signature are considerations. They are made of a high insulation neoprene. They mate with each other in the “in-line” mode, and with bulkhead connectors in the BIRNS Polymeric Series. Zevulun Rubber Molded connectors are suitable for use in seawater with excellent corrosion resistance. All contacts are gold-plated and sockets are made from heat-treated beryllium copper. Typical part number examples follow (using the “G” size as an example, and where “X” denotes the number of contacts):

  • RMG-X-FS : Size G receptacle, with “X” sockets
  • RMG-X-MP : Size G plug, with “X” pins
  • VMG-X-FS : Size G receptacle, with “X” pins
  • VMG-X-MP : Size G plug, with “X” sockets

Note: The “V” indicates an inverted connector. The smallest in this series, the A size is available with one 16 AWG contact. The body of the connector is molded of special low carbon neoprene for improved electrical resistance. The connector body may be either female (“receptacle”) or male (“plug”), and both receptacles and plugs may have either a pin or a socket.

All Size A connectors in this series are permanently molded to electrical cables and are, therefore, known as “cable connectors”. They mate with each other, or with Size A bulkhead connectors in the BIRNS Polymeric A Size.

With a maximum outer diameter of a mere Ø9.1mm (Ø.36in), the A size is excellent for miniature applications.

Product Documents