Millennium 3O

The BIRNS Millennium 3O is a powerful, extremely popular midsize connector. It is available with 7 to 46 contacts, all rated to withstand open face pressure to 4 km (5,900 PSI). The versatile 3O is available with 1 to 4 optical fibers, so it can be tailored to perform seamlessly in a wide range of extreme applications.

BIRNS has open-face tested the 3O-13 for 10 cycles per NAVMAT P-9290 to 10,000 PSI (6.8 Km), with no degradation in any properties. Fiber optic configurations for the Millennium 3O may have different overall dimensions than standard BIRNS Millennium electrical connectors.


Mated Depth
6000 m
-5°C to 60° C
Mechanical Load
500 kg
Voltage -STD
Insulation Resistance
300MΩ (min)
Optical – MM
≤ .2dB
Optical – SM
≤ .1dB