Millennium 3X

The Birns Millennium 3X is an exceptional connector for extremely large and demanding applications, available with almost any combination of contacts. The 3X can be supplied for high-voltage, high-current, and/or electromechanical use (to 3 tons).

In fact, an electromechanical 3X with 186 conductors (130:22, 3:20, 52:16, 1:10) was used on the Pioneer robot sent into Chernobyl nuclear power station The Pioneer needed a cable assembly with 6000 lbs. of load strength in any direction so the robot could be pulled out by the cable if necessary. A special high-load-bearing flange receptacle (FR) was designed with 12 bolts to withstand the potential 3 tons of pressure in any direction.

A 40A/2.5kV 3X with 38 conductors (4:20, 12:16, 22:8) was used on a high-voltage, high-power towed military device, on steel-armored electromechanical tow cable.


Mated Depth
6000 m
-5°C to 60° C
Mechanical Load
500 kg
Voltage -STD
Insulation Resistance
300MΩ (min)
Optical – MM
≤ .2dB
Optical – SM
≤ .1dB