The DDG-P is an instrument to measures the depth of a level underwater to a known altitude reference point.

Measuring heights / depths of structures underwater has never been so easy. Because the DDG-P makes use of two pressure sensors, water level and changes in air pressure has no influence on the actual level measurement.

The DDG-P uses two pressure sensors UDS-2 or UDS-3, 4- 20 mA (2-wire). Both the pressure sensors need to be calibrated together in the medium of measurements. This is done by placing both sensors parallel at the minimum and maximum depth for exact calibration. The reference pressure sensor is placed in the construction underwater on a known level. The measuring pressure sensor is used to take levels on different heights/depth within the construction. Due to the use of two sensors the water level change and barometric air pressure change have no influence on the actual level measurements. This is directly the actual level value in NAP or other unit. Recalculation is not needed. The main function of the DDG-P is based on the standard DDG 2- Digital diver depth gauge which has also been developed by Seascape. However the firmware has been modified for the use of depth measurements.

The accuracy of the measurement is 2 cm till a depth of 40 meters. The units are standard in meters with a resolution in millimeters. The units can be changed if needed. For the Netherlands, the DDG-P default is NAP, but there is also a possibility to set this for Germany NN or Belgium TAW.

The DDG-P creates a log file of the measured levels. Each point is manually logged with the date and time, log number, log point reference level and the actual level. The log files can be downloaded using specially designed software DDG. These files can be viewed and exported to a Excel file for further processing.

The DDG-p is built in a small transport case and has side connections for the two pressure transmitters, serial data and power supply. The DDG-p serial port is for real-time data output of the levels. The output is based on a comma separated ASII-string. The DDG-p has a built in battery for autonomous operations. The battery is charged with the external power supply.

  • Easy/accurate calibration
  • Point data logging
  • Depth units user conf.
  • Transflective LCD with backlight
  • Accurate level measurements in constructions.
  • Black-Box
  • DDG probe visualization software
Internal depth sensor
0 to 40 M; accuracy ± 2 cm
External diver sensor
4 ~ 20 mA DC 2-wire current
External power supply
12-32 vDC
Internal power supply
NiMH battery pack, 6v-2200 mAh
Battery operating time
10-24 hrs
Log data transfer to pc
Bluetooth and Dual RS232 output
Depth display range
Log points
24 h display
4000 gr.
305x270x194 mm