The Digital Depth Gauge is a high end digital pneumo depth gauge.

The digital depth diver depth gauge is developed to replace or supplement the current analog pneumo gauges. This gauge is very accurate and can measure depth in two ways.

  • Using the internal depth sensor connected to the pneumo hose;
  • Using the UDS-3 external pressure sensor at the end of the diver umbilical.

The option with an external pressure sensor ensures a continuous measurement of the actual depth, without surface operations. The DDG is available in two versions, with or without analog depth gauge. The round panel mount  6” DDG1 with analogue gauge and the square DDG2 panel mount box.

The DDG is not only a replacement of your standard pneumo depth gauge but an diver depth tool with multiple extra features making the diver data registration more accurate and safe. The DDG has a standard built in depth sensor with a range of 0- 60 MSW. This sensor connected to the pneumo hose is used to measure the diver depth in the traditional way by pressurizing the pneumo hose until it is complete free of water.

Using the DDG in this way will not add much extra features as the diver depth reading is not constant and dependable on the manual pressurizing of the pneumo hose. For this reason the DDG is fitted with a connection for an external pressure sensor. This sensor is placed at the end of the diver umbilical at the diver end. The external depth sensor signal is transmitted to the surface using 2 wires in the diver umbilical cable.

Novasub has developed the UDS-3, a standard external depth sensor with a range of 0-60 MSW. The sensor signal is a digital signal over a milliamp signal. The external sensor is calibrated and has and accuracy better then 0,25% FS. By calibrating the external sensor, the DDG and the connection to the DDG do not need calibration.

Product Documents

DDG 1 outside diameter
ø195 mm (6 in) x 95 mm
Transflective LCD
128×64 dots with backlight
Temperature operating range
-10 ~ 60 °C (14 ~ 150 °F)
Counting starts and stops automatically
1 m (3 ft.) depth
Dive counter
20 divers, 255 logs (per diver)
Ascent rate
 0 ~ 0 ~ 20 m/min (0 ~ 65 ft./min)
pp02 value range
1,4 ~ 1,6 bar
Nitrox value range
21 ~ 60 %
Logging interval
2 sec. range: 1 ~ 60 sec.
60 MSW (EN 837.1; scale accuracy: Cl. 1,6)
Internal Depth sensor
0 to 60 MSW; accuracy: ± 0.25%
Pneumo connector
Male ¼“ BSP
External diver sensor (UDS-3)
4 ~ 20mADC 2-wire current output HART protocol accuracy: ± 0.25%
External power supply
12-24 vDC, 15 watt supplied with Adapter 100/240 VAC to 12 vDC, 4A
Internal Power
NiMH battery pack, 6v-2200 mAh
Battery operating time
10-24 hrs
Log and data transfer to PC
USB/Bluetooth or USB/RS232 and rs485 (NovaNet)
Serial Outputs
1x rs232