Underwater depth sensor for divers pressure sensors.

The UDS-1&2 are light and compact 2 wire pressure sensors for multiple applications of depth monitoring.

The UDS-1 has a POM housing and the UDS-2 pressure / depth sensor is made of stainless steel housing. Both USD’s have the possibility to mount different kind of connectors. And mount at the other end of the housing behind the cap (with small holes) a pressure sensor.

Standard the sensor is a 2 wire 4-20 mA sensor based on the HART protocol.

The standard UDS-1&2 can be connected to HART or 4-20 mA configured hardware. Novasub has this built in the surface control units (SCU,SCC) which use the OSD-2 / DSI video text and data video overlay boards. The UDS-1&2 can also be used with the Novasub DDG (digital depth gauge).

The UDS-1&2 itself is calibrated and when used with the HART protocol the sensor reading stays digital. No need of calibrating the readout unit, DDG or OSD-2 / DSI video overlay.

  • Low cost
  • Rugged
  • Digital
  • Calibrated
  • Diver Depth
  • Depth monitoring
  • Depth probing
  • Drop down depth
Output standard
4~20 mA DC 2-wire current output
HART® communication protocol
Output optional
RS485 (Custom or Modbus)
Standard depth range
0-50 MSW
Optional depth range
Pressure range
0-5 BAR absolute
Total accuracy
0.05% FS (typ.)
Comp. temp.
-10 ~70 °C
Power supply
9-33 VDC
POM / SS316L
MCBH3M (standard)
POM – Ø40×120 mm
SS316L – Ø33,8×99,9 mm (excl. connector)