The UDS-3 is a light and compact 2 wire pressure sensor for multiple applications of  depth monitoring.

The UDS-3 pressure / depth sensor is made of Stainless Steel housing with at one end a 3 pin connector and on the other end the pressure sensor behind a cap with small holes. The connector is a standard MCBH3MSS connector. Pin1 and 2 are used, Pin3 is not connected.

The sensor is a 2 wire 4-20 ma sensor based on the HART protocol.

The standard UDS-3 can be connected to HART or 4-20ma configured hardware. Novasub has this built in the surface control units (SCU,SCC) which use the OSD-2 / DSI video text and data video overlay boards. The UDS-3 can also be used with the Novasub DDG digital depth gauge.

The UDS-3 itself is calibrated and when used with the HART protocol the sensor reading stays digital. No Need of calibrating the readout unit, DDG or OSD-2 / DSI video overlay.

  • Low cost
  • Rugged
  • Digital
  • Calibrated
  • Diver Depth
  • Depth monitoring
  • Depth probing
  • Drop down depth

Product Documents

Output standard
4~20mADC 2-wire current output
HART® communication protocol
Output optional
RS485 (Custom or Modbus)
Standard depth range
0-60 MSW
Optional depth range
0-3.5~6000 MSW
Pressure range
0-7 BAR absolute
Total accuracy
±0.075%FS (min.), ±0.1%FS (typ.) ±0.25%FS (max.)
Comp. temp.
-10~70 °C
Power supply
12-30 vdc
Stainless steel 316L
MCBH3M (standard)
26x 117 mm (excluding connector)