NSCC-01 – Control console

The NSCC-01 is a standard table/wall mount console based on a width of 2x 19” rack. The console is a steel frame with aluminum cover plates. The console frame is designed to be installed on a table and against the wall.


The 19” rack opening and the monitor panel are fitted on a drawer frame. This drawer frame can be pulled out for easy access by an opening in the table where the frame is fitted. Maintenance of the 19 ” SCU and the Diver gas panel is hereby much easier.

Diver communication panels

The front of the frame has 2x 5HE high 19” rack mountable openings. The 19” rack openings are used to install the Novasub SCU (Surface Control Unit) range of equipment, like the SCU diver radio’s, camera & light controllers and video recorders. The console has above the 19” rack openings standard two monitors installed, one 21,5” Full HD monitor and one 15” monitor. All systems are connected to each other with a 19” rack PC (SCU-PCDVR-04) via Novanet (a bus system). On the SCU-PCDVR-04 is Pontus installed. Pontus DVR software is a video live-viewing, recording and streaming software with camera & light control. Extra data from external sensors can be displayed in the software combined with the video channel. For examples the DDG (Diver Depth Gauges) and DGA (Diver Gas Analyzers).

Diver gas panel

Above the monitors the diver gas control panel is installed which can be a 2 or 3 diver panel with HP and/or LP gas inputs. This diver air panel is a IMCA compliant 2 diver air panel with a HP inputs, diver depth is displayed on 2x digital diver depth gauges. The O2 value is displayed on 2x digital gas analysers together with an air flow meter. All air input and output pressure are displayed on 2,5” gauges. The necessary valves lets you select the air flow. The diver supply pressure is monitored with a low pressure audible alarm. The gas supply and umbilical connections are standard fitted on top and bottom of the frame at the backside.

  • Drawer frame for easy maintenance access;
  • Built according IMCA regulations;
  • 19“ rack mountable openings;
  • Digital diver depth monitoring and logging;
  • Digital gas analyzers monitoring and logging.
  • Extra switches and control fitted in 19” panel;
  • 19” server rack for under the table for UPS, SCU-PCDVR and other 19” rack equipment;
  • Customized sized Control console based on the NSCC-01.