The Novasub 2 diver gas panel is installed at the top of the NSCC-01 control console.

The gas control panel is built according IMCA regulations, and is provided with two high end digital depth gauges (DDG2) with dive logging, and two digital oxygen gas analysers (DGA) for monitoring the oxygen percentage of the supplied gas to each diver. The divers high pressure gas supply is reduced in two stages, and one low pressure gas inlet is foreseen as back-up supply. All gas in and output pressures are displayed on 2,5”gauges. The necessary valves lets you select the gas flow. An audible low pressure alarm is installed on each diver gas supply.

  • 2x HP inlet 300 Bar, 1 x LP inlet 25 Bar;
  • 2x HP 1st stage regulators 300-41 Bar;
  • 2x HP 2nd stage regulators 41-15 Bar;
  • 2x DDG2 Digital Depth Gauges for diver depth monitoring and logging;
  • 2x DGA, Digital Gas Analysers, for diver gas oxygen analyses;
  • 2x Flowmeters for constant flow supply to the gas analysers;
  • 7x Pressure gauges 2,5”(Ø63mm) for all needed pressure readouts;
  • Low pressure gas alarm 100-240 Vac, with battery back-up;
  • The aluminium main panel is sublimated with a clean layout of lines and text;
  • RGB LED strip at the top of the panel;
  • Size: 970 x 550 mm;
  • Built according IMCA regulations.
  • Cleaned for oxygen services.