The Novasub 2 diver diving air wall panel is a compact panel with all necessary high quality components for save diving.

  • 2x HP Inlet, 1x LP Inlet with closing valves, side connections;
  • 1x 6″ Pneumo meter for diver depth, calibrated and certified, with switch over valve
    to select diver 1 or 2;
  • 7x Pressure gauges for all the needed readouts;
  • 1x Switch over valve from HP to HP;
  • 2x Diver output with closing valves to divers, side connections;
  • Built in stainless steel wall mount box, flat flange connection to wall;
  • Low pressure gas alarm 100-240 Vac, with battery back-up;
  • All Swagelok valves;
  • The aluminium panel is sublimated with a clean layout of lines and text;
  • All piping and fittings are stainless steel;
  • Size: 58,2x50x26,5 cm.
  • Cleaned for oxygen services.