The DP-3D4H2L-P is a 3 diver gas panel with 4 HP and 2 LP air inputs. The panel design is based on 2x 19″ standard rack mount width. The panel is there for ideal to be built into a container in combination with the Novasub SCU units, like the SCU-DVR2-4CH, SCU-1DRVL, SCU-2DRVL, SCU-3VL and SCU-PCDVR04. Each diver has 2 independent air supplies, one main and one backup. Each diver air has a constant flow for gas analyzing. O2 and CO2 are both real time monitored. The panel is fitted with the latest Novasub DDG, digital depth gauge. This Novasub diver air panel is build according IMCA regulation.

  • 4x HP Inlet with safety relief valves;
  • 2x LP Inlet with non return valves;
  • All inputs rear connection and provided with closing valves;
  • 13x Pressure gauges for all the needed readouts;;
  • 3x Depth gauge ∅ 63 mm;
  • 2x Cross-over valves HP1 – HP2;
  • 3x Diver output with closing valves to divers, rear connected;
  • Low pressure gas alarm 100-240 Vac, with battery back-up;
  • 3x DDG2 Digital Depth Gauges for diver depth monitoring and logging;
  • 3x Oxygen analyzer;
  • 3x CO2 analyzer;
  • The aluminum panel is sublimated with a clean layout of lines and text;
  • Built according IMCA regulations.
  • Cleaned for oxygen services.