Novasub PDC-2D2H1L-2DRVL-DVR is a surface diver air control systems with communication, video & light control with digital depth gauges.

It is a pack and go solution for two divers.

  • Novasub 2 diver radio with video & light control;
  • DVR (120 Gb SSD-HD) – 100 hrs@ 960H best 1,2 Gb;
  • 2x DDG2 Digital Depth Gauges for diver depth monitoring and logging;
  • 2x HP Input, 1x LP input with closing valves (front connections);
  • 7x Pressure gauges for all the needed readouts;
  • 2x Diver air, a pneumo and a sample point output (front connection);
  • Low pressure gas alarm 100-240 Vac, with battery back-up;
  • Ruggedized case;
  • Size: 609,6 x 609,6 x 609,6 mm -24x24x24 Inch;
  • Weight: approx. 49 kg;
  • Built according IMCA regulations.
  • Two diver air panel;
  • Communication;
  • DVR & 10,4” monitor;
  • Video / Light control;
  • Dive logging.
  • Cleaned for oxygen services;
  • Extended battery as UPS;
  • DDG with a analog depth gauges (Ø 63 mm) or may be replaced with a analog Ø6” depth gauge;
  • 2x DGA, Digital Gas Analysers, for diver gas oxygen analyses.