The Diver Gas Analyzer is an O2 & CO2 gas analyzer. Ideal in combination with the Digital Depth Gauge.


The DGA has an built in O2 and CO2 sensor. Both are connected to a built in constant pressure and flow manifold. The flow manifold creates a stable 1 l/min airflow to both sensors. The flow manifold will always be stable from a sampling point pressure between 1 – 20 Bar. The DGA is available in 6 versions, so it can be used in different situations.

The DGA is a full featured gas analyzer specially built for gas panel gas analyzing. The DGA has a multiple sensors for O2, CO2, gas temperature and relative humidity (RH) measuring real-time during gas sampling. The data can be internal logged and retrieved with a PC connected via various connection to the DGA.

The DGA has an extensive alarm settings possibility. For O2 you can set high and low alarm values, for CO2 you can set two levels of high alarms. When alarms are triggered a warning on the screen will appear and an audible internal alarm will sound. Also there is an alarm relay that can be used to trigger an external audible or visible alarm device, like a horn or a flashlight.

The DGA can be connected to the DDG. Then the DGA will receive the diver depth information and will use it to calculate the ppO2. Also the ppO2 can be set as a maximum alarm level. The DGA will send gas data information to the DDG. The DDG will log all DGA data with the divers depth/time log. DDG Visualizer, software for PC, tablet and Smart Phone. The software makes synchronizing the logged files easy with Bluetooth or wired (RS232) connection.

  • O2 0-100% analyzing
  • CO2 0-30% analyzing
  • Gas Temp
  • Relative Humidity
  • Pressure and flow control
  • Logging of data
  • Transflective LCD with backlight
  • Diver Gas monitoring
  • Digital depth gauge
  • Black Box
  • Automatic logging with DDG
144x72x130 mm
LCD size
33×66 mm
Transflective LCD
128×64 dots with backlight
Temperature range
-40 ~ 60 °C
ppO2 value range
1,4 ~ 1,6 bar
O2 rang
0 to 100 %
Inlet / outlet
Male ⅛“ NPT
External power supply
9-30 vDC
Internal power
NiMH battery pack, 6v-2200 mAh
Battery operating time
10-24 hrs.
Log and data transfer to PC
Bluetooth, RS232 and RS485 (NovaNet)
Operating Principle
Non dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Measurement range CO2
0 to 30 % vol (CO2)
Measurement range RH
0 to 100%
±0,2%vol ± 3 % of reading
Operation temperature range
0 to 50 °C
Operation humidity range
0 to 95 % RH non-condensing
External conn. for 2 wire O2 sensor. (Supplied excl. O2 sensor)
External O2 cell in plastic probe with 2 m cable.
Built in O2 cell
Built in flow and pressure control.
Built in CO2 cell.
  • Actual O2 & CO2 value
  • Link to DDG/NovaNet
  • Actual depth from DDG
  • Partial Oxygen pressure – calculate with DDG
  • Relative humidity measurement
  • Part per million measurement
  • Integrated flow and pressure regulator
  • Alarms: Low O2 alarm, High O2 oxygen alarm, High CO2 alarm 1 & 2
  • Output for alarm relay or buzzer
  • Smart charger with battery capacity
  • Adjustable to MSW or FSW
  • Adjustable to Fresh or Salt water
  • Firmware upgradable by user
  • Serial string output to video overlay or other device