The Novasub Diver umbilical is a fully configured umbilical for use of comms. (2 or 4 wire), video, light and sensor data. The DUR01 is extremely lightweight and flexible. The umbilical floats in fresh and seawater with the pneumo hose filled with air. It will sink when the pneumo hose is filled with water. This makes the DUR01 very flexible in its use. The DUR01 is available in three configurations. Namely the

  • DUR01 (1/4” pneumo hose Cortland Fibrolite & 3/8” gas hose Cortland Fibrolite)
  • DUR01-FLBT (1/4” pneumo hose Cortland Fibrolite & 3/8” gas hose Cortland Fibroline)
  • DUR01-FLB (1/4” pneumo hose Cortland Fibroline & 3/8” gas hose Cortland Fibroline)

The main difference between the Fibrolite and Fibroline hose is the kink and abrasion resistance. The Fibrolite is less stiffer and lighter  as the Fibroline and so less expensive. In all configurations we use the same communication cable.

The 3X2X24AWG+4X22AWG+2X18AWG, comm., video, light and data cable has a breaking strength of 1500 KG and a nominal outside diameter of 11 mm. The elements are laid up together and twisted. All umbilical’s can have a client specific termination assembly.

Optional a HDPE spiral (NSSP32-YE) with positive buoyance for extra protection can be provided.

  • Light weight
  • Positive Buoyant in fresh and seawater
  • Comms, video, light and data over 1 cable
  • Cable Kevlar reinforced
  • Low priced

Product Documents

Electrical and physical characteristics

Electrical resistance conductors 24 AWG < 88,67 ohm/km @ 20°C
Electrical resistance conductors 22 AWG < 56,75 ohm/km @ 20°C
Electrical resistance conductors 18 AWG < 19,50 ohm/km @ 20°C
Working voltage
250 V
Breaking load
1500 Kg
Nominal overall diameter
30 mm
31 mm
31 mm
Weight in air
430 g/m
468 g/m
487 g/m
Weight in seawater
-38 g/m
-34 g/m
-33 g/m
Weight in fresh water
-27 g/m
-22 g/m
-22 g/m