DTG2 Add-ons

Auxiliary Lighting

Investigating the darkest waters? Deep Trekker now offers external LED lighting in addition to the internal LED flood light that tracks with the camera. Mounted ahead of each thruster, the 900 lumen lights brighten the dark waters to see the utmost detail in your projects. These auxiliary lights are controlled independently of the main LED flood light from the hand-held controller by pressing both the up and down camera buttons at the same time.

Auxiliary camera

In addition to our already versatile 270 degree rotation video camera, we now offer an Auxiliary Camera Option to take underwater inspections to a new level. This enables ROV pilots to get additional views that include left/right side, above and below camera angles. This add-on is a valuable addition for bridge, infrastructure, fish net or wall inspections and a number of other applications. Easily toggle between 1 camera at a time through the hand-held controller for viewing and recording of the selected camera.

Laser Scaler

When understanding the size of objects or specimens is critical to your task, the Deep Trekker Laser Scaler is an ideal tool. Perfect for the aquaculture industry to track fish sizes, the Laser Scaler sends our two laser beams 25 mm apart from above the camera. This allows the user to scale objects within the camera view up to 2 meters away. The lasers track with the camera as it is rotated, allowing for the beams to always be viewed on screen.

Tritech Micron Sonar

The Tritech Micron Sonar is the smallest digital Compressed high intensity radio pulse (CHIRP) being produced in the world. CHIRP technology dramatically improves the range resolution compared to conventional sonars. The Tritech Micron is extremely compact, simple to operate and cost effective. Deep Trekker ROVs are the most portable system, allowing for the sonar technology to be added to any of the Deep Trekker products.

Tritech MicronNav USBL Position System

The Tritech MicronNav USBL Position System has been specifically designed for small ROVs like the Deep Trekker product line. The MicronNav “Transponder” device responds to acoustic interrogation from the USBL head mounted to the Deep Trekker ROV to provide on screen positioning of the ROV along with a snail trail of where it has traveled.

Thickness Gauge

Deep Trekker has now the integrated the Cygnus Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauge with the DTG2 ROV. This industry leading thickness gauge has been specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV, making it easier the determine the metal thickness of a tanks, hulls, or corrosion without removing protective coatings.

Cutter Attachment

The Deep Trekker mini ROV can now complete even more work without diver intervention. The newly introduced cutter attachment can be added to any Deep Trekker DTG2 Worker ROV to cut snagged line, rope or netting under the water.

With 500 pounds of force, the Deep Trekker Cutter Attachment can shear through many different types of fibers and rope, so you can save time and money.

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