SeaDrone Low Light Gimbal Camera

The Low Light Camera Unit adopts the Sony IMX322 sensor for excellent dark imagine vision which makes it well suited for underwater adventures requiring low light. The onboard has a H.264 compression chip allowing the main computer to take less stress. It is easy to install on ROVs and AUVs as well as other applications!

The Low Light Camera Unit uses a wide-angle, low distortion lens with 2MP 1080P resolution. With a low pixel count and large 1/2.9″ sensor, the surface area of each pixel gets more light rays. This will reduce the exposure time, thus reducing the level of noise and the blur in low light.

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Resolution : 1080P Full-HD
Picture Format : H.264/MJPEG/YUV2(YUYV)
Performance : 1920×1080 pixels @ H.264 (30fps) @ MJPEG (30fps)
Field of View : Horizontal 120° / Vertical 250°
Vertical Actuated Rotation : 180°
Connector Type : Micro USB / 0.1″ 3 pin female connector
  • Camera
  • Actuated Rotation Axis
  • 125 meter Depth Rated Housing
  • Custom optically machined Lens
  • Connectors