SeaDrone Smart Thruster

SeaDrone’s Smart Thruster has been designed to provide unmatched control, thrust performance, and ease-of-use. Generating over 2.5kg of force (5.5 lbs) and measuring under 60mm x 96mm, makes SeaDrone’s Smart Thruster the smallest in its class.

A custom sensorless brushless motor driver installed with 32 bits TI DSP can monitor and feedback the current, voltage, thruster RPM, and temperature in real time! Our smart control system allows you to command the desired force output reliably even as your system voltage (battery) drops.
Constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate, the thruster body has a metal insert molded-in during the injection process for maximum strength. Stainless steel shaft and high quality bushings have been selected for long operating life.
Only one Allen key and two set screws are needed to disassemble the entire thruster. The thruster comes with a low profile and high quality molded connector to make integration that much easier.
There are no mechanical seals or pressure housings to develop leaks. The motor is water cooled and ready to handle high pressures. A single cantilevered support holds the motor at the center of the thruster to decrease objects, such as weeds, from getting jammed against the propeller and the thruster body. If the propeller does get jammed, do not worry, our smart driver will automatically shut down to prevent damage to the motor.
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Max Forward-Thrust : 2.5 kgf
Max Reverse-Thrust : 2.3 kgf
Min Thrust Force : 0.005 kgf
RPM Range : 300-5000 rev/min
Operating Voltage : 18-28 Volts
Max Current : 7 Amps
Max Power : 175 Watts
Weight in Air : 250 g
Weight in Water : 125 g
  • The bearings and anti-vibration mechanism are designed for underwater use. The life cycle of the thruster will be significantly decreased if operating the thruster out of water.
  • High power motors can be dangerous. The propellers can act as sharp blades at high speeds. Make sure to firmly clamp down the thrusters and wear safety equipment (goggles, gloves, etc), specially during initial tests.
  • Always disconnect all power sources before rewiring a circuit. Otherwise the electronics could be damaged.
    For example, if you need to swap a motor or a driver, make sure to unpower everything first.
  • SeaDrone is not liable for any damage derived from the misuse of the SeaDrone Smart Thrusters electronics, hardware and/or software.
  • One SeaDrone Thruster
  • One Forward and One Reverse Propeller
  • One Connector Hardware (O-ring, Nut)
  • One Thruster Mounting Hardware (4mm Pin, M4 Bolt)