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Containerized Delivery System (CDS)

Containerized Delivery System (CDS)

Revolutionizing deep water inspections with a single 20ft container. The CDS is a rapid response low cost 4,000 meter solution.

Fully Self Contained System
The SeaBotix Containerized Delivery System (CDS) is the world’s first rapid-response, fully self-contained, single-point pick observation and light work ROV system. Even with depth ratings to 4,000m, The CDS has 1/3 the footprint of a workclass ROV, takes a fraction of the time to mobilize – 1 day – and can be operated by two persons from vessels of opportunity as small as 40m. With it estimated that over 80% of workclass ROV missions is simple observation, the CDS can pay for itself in operational costs on its first mission.

Rapid Response Deep Water Capability
The CDS is the rapid response solution to deep water inspections. All components are housed in a single container allowing for ultra fast mobilization. Simply mount a plinth (if needed) to the vessel providing clearance of deck sides, mount the CDS, connect power/data and get underway.

Deep Water Capability
All aspects of the system are designed to provide operations up to 4,000 meters (13,000ft). As much as 4,250 meters of umbilical can be supplied on the included winch. The tether management system (TMS), with up-to 200 meters of tether, houses the revolutionary vectored Little Benthic Vehicle (vLBV).
Stable Flexible ROV Platform
All CDS’ include the highly capable and stable vLBV, the smallest vectored vehicle produced with electronics capabilities equal to much larger Workclass ROVs.. The vectored thruster layout provides familiar maneuverability, while providing a stable platform for a wide variety of sensors. The powerful and proven oil-compensated thrusters offer enhanced capability in demanding conditions, while the self-contained electronics package (eBottle) offers the most rapid service capability ever for demanding, mission-critical operations.

Customizable Control Room

As part of the total solution, a complete Control Room is incorporated into the container. The Control Room can be equipped with either a desk or chair-mounted control system, complete workshop, ample storage, redundant HVAC, and a Power Distribution Unit (PDU). The layout contains multiple monitors and can easily be configured to match client requirements.

More Than Just a Camera
The entire system provides a capable visual tool for deep water applications. However, a variety of sensors can be added such as leak detection, CP, HD cameras, grabber and more. The platform is just the beginning.

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Containerized Delivery System (CDS)

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Product Specifications


6,058mm x 2,438mm x 2,519mm (20ft x 8ft x 8.3ft)
13,000kg (29,000lbs)
DNV 2.7.1 & 2.7.2 certification
Fire Rating
SOLAS Compliant – A60
Power Supply
380VAC – 480VAC, 60Hz, 3 phases
Electrical Standard
NORSOK Electrical Standards, E:001

Launch and Recovery System

DNV Offshore Service
Overboard Reach
3m (9.8ft)
Winch Capacity
4,250m (14,000ft), Active heave compensated, dual drive
Max Inhaul Speed
60m/min (196ft/min), no load
30m/min (98ft/min, loaded
Overboard Sheave
680mm (26.8in), diameter
Max Dynamic Vertical Load
42kN (3g loading)


16.9mm (0.67in), nominal
4,250m (14,000ft)
Safe Working Load
Breaking Strength


-10mm (0.35mm), nominal
200m (655ft)
Working Strength
100kg f (220pd f)
Breaking Strength
700kg f (1,540pd f)


Depth Rating
4,000m Seawater (13,000ft)
620mm x 390mm x 390mm (24.4in x 15.4in x 15.4in)
Weight in Air
22kg (48.5lbs)
Thruster Configuration
Six (6) Brushless DC thrusters – Four (4) vectored, two (2) vertical. Oil-compensated.
Bollard Thrust
18.1-22.5kg f (39.9-49.6pd f), forward
7.3-15.2kg f (16.1-33.5pd f), lateral
10kg f (22pd f), vertical
Camera – Primary
600 line Color, 0.001 Lux @ f1.4
Camera Tilt
4 x 1,080 Lumen LED array
Variable intensity, tracking primary camera
Data Channels
3 x 10/100 Ethernet
4 x Serial


Single 20ft container
DNV 2.7-1
Seal welded construction
Ceiling mounted smoke detector with battery backup
Two (2) 120V emergency lights with battery backup
Intrinsically safe, volt free contact for providing indication back to rig/platform control room
Fire extinguishers
Eye wash station
First aid kit
Web barrier for use when boom doors are open

Control Room

Workbench, desk
Control chair with integrated controls or desk mounted controls
Storage cabinets
19″ rack
Video monitors
Thermax marine board paneling
Escape hatch

Launch and Recovery System

Retractable boom with 3m overboard reach
DNV Offshore Service Specification DNV-OSS-308
14kN safe working load at full extension
Docking collar with overboard sheave
Camera monitoring system

Surface Winch

4,250m drum capacity
Drum diameter 635mm
Level wind
Parking brake

Tether Management System

TMS with 200m tether capacity
Positive tension level wind
Aluminum and rubber protective frame
Docking camera

Umbilical and Tether

4,250m 16.9mm diameter umbilical with 80kN breaking strength
200m 9mm diameter tether


4,000m depth rated vectored LBV
600 line color camera
4 x 1,080 Lumen LED arrays
4 x vectored thrusters, 2 x vertical vertran thrusters (oil-compensated)