vLBC – vectored Little Benthic Crawler

The Teledyne SeaBotix vLBC expands on the industry leading LBC crawler system with new tracked drive system. Increased traction and improved attraction.

Unrivalled combination of capability, stability and versatility

Unique to Teledyne SeaBotix hybrid/crawler systems is the combination of a highly efficient attraction device and drive mechanism. The patented VRAM attractor produces an amazing 28 kg f of attractive force while the tracked drive system produces a further amazing 12 kg f of pulling force. This powerful combination provides a capability in demanding conditions where other systems fail.

Simplistic operation for all operators

Attachment to a ship hull is incredibly simple and mastered by many in a few minutes. The dual vertical thruster configuration allows for the operator to roll the vLBC and attach to the ship hull. On screen pitch and roll data further assists the operator. The vLBC then provides video/sensor feedback in a normal attitude further simplifying operation.

Ultimate in versatility

The vLBC is comprised of the Crawler Skid Attachment (CSA) and the vLBV300 system. Operators have a fully functional MiniROV system found in the vLBV300 and the ability to add the CSA when required in only minutes. No other system offers the versatility and capability.

Tracked drive mechanism

The tracked drive system provides a powerful and efficient means to travel across the hard surface. With a single drive axle at the rear, impressive pulling power and tracks the vLBC can handle extreme conditions as well as track nice and straight. Without the front axle the vLBC can drive out over openings and tilt the camera down for better view.

Patented vortex suction device

Part of the vLBC is the unique and highly patented Vortex suction device. Use of the Vortex creates an amazing amount of attraction (28 kgf) in a low profile device. The Vortex is more efficient and effective than thrusters, plus it works on any hard material unlike magnetic systems.

Unmatched sensor data acquisition

With its ability to stay in one position indefinitely the vLBC can acquire data unlike a free swimming ROV. Sonar, NDT and video are very precise as the vLBC maintains its fixed or steady position. Operators are able to keep the vLBC in position without input thus reducing fatigue.

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vLBC (vLBV300 with skid attached)
625 mm – 24.6 in
390 mm – 15.4 in
500 mm – 19.7 in
634 mm – 25 in
Weight in Air
28 kg – 61.7 lbs
Drive Mechanism
Drive train
Tracked drive with single axle. Dual motor/gearbox.
Pulling Force
12 kgf – 26.5 lbf
up to 40 m/min – 131ft/min
75 mm – 3 in (wide), 30.6 cm2 – 4.75 in2 (contact area)
Suction Device
Vortex generator
28 kgf – 61.7 lbf
Surface capability
Any hard surface (somewhat smooth)
25.4 mm – 1 in
Spares, Tools and Manuals
Spares Contents
Spare impeller and fasteners
Operators manual addendum for vLBV300

CSA – Crawler Skid Assembly

Crawler skid assembly
Vortex generator suction device
Dual track, single axle system
Connection cables

Transit Cases

Transit case for CSA with custom closed cell foam, retractable handle and wheels

Spares & Manuals

Spare impeller and hardware
Operators manual


Two year limited warranty
24 hour technical support