Altimeter/Echo Sounder

Teledyne SeaBotix MiniROV systems can be equipped with a Tritech Micron Echo Sounder for accurate altitude data.

Fully integrated

When fitted the Micron Echo sounder sits tucked away under the LBV on the crossbar support. Out of danger, yet clear view to the seafloor.The Micron Echo sounder is integrated in one of two ways.

  • Standalone – cable penetrates into the LBV side camera housing and is tied into the electronics for transmission to the surface.
  • Daisy chain – a link cable connects the Micron Echo sounder to another Micron sensor fitted that in turn sends the data to the surface through the LBV electronics.
Intuitive software

Provided with the Micron Echo sounder is the easy to use software. If connected standalone a graphical display shows altitude current and historical. When combined with other Micron sensors the display becomes part of the software suite which can be configured to user preference.

Note: if fitted with the Micron Nav positioning system the display becomes a numerical value at the top of the screen.

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