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AUV/ROV Thrusters

Teledyne SeaBotix thrusters have become the number one choice in AUV/ROV projects including schools, universities and corporations.

Proven design and technology

Utilizing the same construction as the SBT150 thruster but removing the LBV electronics make integration simple. A long whip is provided with two (2) wires – Power & Ground. The mounting holes on the thruster provide a simple way to mount to different systems.

Powerful small robust thruster

Continual Bollard thrust is an impressive 2.2 kg f (4.85 pd f) at only 4.25 amps. Peak thrust is 2.9 kg f (6.4 pd f) for short periods by increasing the current. At 4.25 amps the BTD150 thrusters only require 19 VDC making the power requirement only 80 watts.

Complete assembly

Each thruster is fully setup and ready to go. Simply integrate with your system and away you go. Kits include:

  • Brushed DC motor and housing
  • End caps, prop and kort nozzle
  • 1m (39in) whip with 2 wire end
Options, options, options

There are optional configurations available to match different requirements.

  • 2 pin male Subconn wet mateable connector (Part# CN32) Shown above
  • Replaces 2 wire whip
  • 450mm length
  • Shown above
  • 2 pin female Subconn wet mateable connector (Part#CN23)
  • Replaces 2 wire whip
  • 450mm length

Product Documents

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