Color Zoom Camera

Teledyne SeaBotix offers a 10x optical zoom color camera for the LBV providing up close video capture.

Zoom in for close inspection

The Sony module replaces the primary camera still leaving the low light black and white camera. As with other accessories the zoom camera is controlled from the control console. Controls include zoom (up to 10x optical), auto focus and manual focus. Simply pressing the focus buttons allows the user to manually focus the camera. Using the Accessory keys + and – allows the user to zoom in and out.

Optically corrected view port

In addition to the camera module the view port is upgraded to a custom machined optical corrected view port. This correction allows the auto focus and zoom to work correctly without the distortion of a traditional view port cylinder.

Increased ultra bright LED lighting

With the higher Lux level requirement it is recommended that additional lighting be added to the LBV. Teledyne SeaBotix offers a ultra bright LED arrays that can be easily fitted to the LBV providing clear, white light. Click here for more information on the additional lighting.

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