Cygnus Thickness Gauge

Teledyne SeaBotix MiniROV systems can easily be fitted with the industry leading underwater thickness probe by Cygnus Instruments.

Simplistic operation without compromising accuracy

Unique to the Cygnus thickness gauge is the ability to perform the measurements without removing the coating. This enables fast and easy measurements without the need for grinding. The need to touch the metal is also not required as measurements can be taken through up to 5mm of water.

Easy to fit tool skid mounting system

The LBV is fitted with a tool skid with a secure mount for the thickness gauge.This tool skid can easily be removed when not in use. The data and power are interfaced with the LBV without the requirement for additional twisted pairs in the tether. This keeps the performance up and the drag down. At the surface a simple computer is required to display the readings collected by the thickness gauge.

Complete assembly

A complete kit is supplied to fit to the LBV including:

  • Cygnus Gauge
  • Tool Skid with cross bar supports
  • Mounting brackets for Cygnus Gauge
  • Integration cables
  • Software
  • Protective carrying case
  • Test lead
  • Spares
  • Manuals
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