External LED Lighting

Teledyne SeaBotix provides the latest in ultra bright LED technology. Powerful, bright white LED lighting is available for all systems.

Latest ultra bright LED technology

Using the latest LED technology the Teledyne SeaBotix external lighting offers incredibly bright white light. Available in a two (2) head design the addition of external lighting improves video quality and lighting coverage. The LED external lighting simply mounts to the protective bumper frame and connects to the AUX 2 port on the backplane. This simple installation only takes fifteen minutes and requires only a few tools (supplied with LBV).

Adjustable wide angle coverage

Once mounted the external lights can be manually adjusted for different positions dependent on application. Whether you are inspecting a ships hull or the seabed the lights can tilt up or down. To adjust the lights simply loosen the M6 button head screw, rotate to the desired angle and tighten the M6 button head screw. Additionally, the lights can be mounted on the inside of the bumper frame or the outside.

Intuitive controls

Controlling the lights is accomplished on the hand controller. Simply press the PGRM key, select the External Light option, press PGRM again. Now the lights can be turned on by pressing the + or – Accessory key. To vary the intensity use the + for brighter and the – for dimmer.

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