HD 1080i Color Camera

Teledyne SeaBotix offers HD1080i video throughout the line of MiniROV systems. Uncompromising video imagery.

Crystal clear HD video

HD is becoming more and more standard. The quality and resolution is crystal clear and full of depth. Underwater the use of HD is providing equal results. At HD 1080i resolution the video feedback to the operator or analyst is exceptional.

HD-SDI or HDMI output

Depending on application or requirement the HD signal is transmitted to the surface in the HD-SDI format. This can be used in professional recorders or displays. Additionally there is an HD-SDI to HDMI converter for use in consumer grade electronics.

Total control – zoom/focus

The HD camera is mounted parallel to the standard video camera and provides auto focus, manual focus and 10x optical zoom. Operators have full control over the camera for up close or distant video capture.

Lighting augmentation

HD cameras require more light than standard cameras and therefore SeaBotix offers optional external ultra bright LED lighting. The additional LED lighting provides bright, white, wide angle coverage in either two or four head designs. Click here for more information on the LED lighting.

Full 180º tilt

Unique to the Teledyne SeaBotix line of MiniROVs is the ability to have the HD camera tilt through the full 180º as standard on all systems. This enables operators to view from straight up to straight down and anywhere in between.

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