Integrated Navigation and control console

Teledyne SeaBotix offers an award winning integrated solution to ROV controls and sensor data visualization in a rugged, direct sunlight viewable system

Fully integrated control system

Designed to be simple, complete and rapid setup the INC is merely an open, connect and power on system. No longer a mess of cables between hubs, laptops and consoles. The INC is fitted with the control electronics, power supply interface and operator control unit (OCU). Just like the standard control console the OCU is removable for comfort and versatility.

Amazing true sunlight readable 20″ monitor

In the lid is a 51cm (20in) wide screen transflective sunlight readable monitor. The image quality in direct sunlight is as good as if not better than indoors. Hard to believe, but seeing is believing. With the large screen size all data can be easily viewed on the single screen. No need for a laptop screen for data and monitor for video.

The monitor can be viewed in PC mode for sensors and video, picture in picture, split screen or full video. Simple fascia mounted keypad offers operator controls. There is an output for a second VGA monitor and/or a composite video output.

Powerful processing PC

A powerful Intel Duo Core 2 PC is integrated to handle the sensor software, video capture and data recording. The backlit waterproof keyboard with integrated pointer controls the PC. Various accessory ports such as USB2.0 and LAN are there for data download.

Even more features

Other features of the INC include detachable GPS receiver, gas struts to hold the lid open in rough seas, cooling fans with inclement weather protection, retractable handle and wheels. When used with the Tritech Micron Nav tracking system the Seahub is also built into the console with a connector for the transducer located on the rear of the INC.

Optional video enhancer

The LYYN video enhancer can easily be added. Again fully integrated with the board internally mounted and the control pad located on the lower panel.

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