Kongsberg Scanning Sonar

Kongsberg Mesotech has long supplied the marine industry with leading sonar technology. Teledyne SeaBotix is proud to offer the high resolution mechanical scanning sonars.

High resolution sonar imagery

Kongsberg Mesotech’s long pedigree with high resolution sonars continues to produce exceptional products. The OC ROV sonar produces crisp clear sonar images through the full 360º horizontal field of view.

Long range adjustable speed

Use of the OC ROV sonar provides zero visibility capability to the Teledyne SeaBotix MiniROV systems. With a range out to 100 meters (328ft) and the ability to increase/decrease the scan speed provide the operator with customizable parameters to meet every application.

360º situational awareness

Mechanical sonars have the advantage of providing a full 360º field of view horizontally. This full coverage provides the operator with situational awareness, particularly when operating in encumbered environments such as bridges. The scan sector can be narrowed as targets are located to improve scan speed.

Fully integrated solution

The OC ROV sonar has plug and play integration with the vLBV300 or LBV300-5 systems. All data is sent up the built in serial channel and accessed at the surface. No need for additional twisted pair or larger tether.

Intuitive software and console

The included software provides an intuitive way control the sonar and capture data. To unlock the full potential of the sonar a full version of the legendary MS 1000 software can be added. There are functions like a chart plotter. Systems equipped with the optional Integrated Navigation Console (INC) benefit from the data being viewable on a single large format sunlight readable monitor. No need for an additional PC or monitor.

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