Scaling Laser System

With the Teledyne SeaBotix laser scaling system objects in water size estimation is possible.

Size estimation with ease

There is a solution to aid in estimating size underwater with only a single camera. That is to fit scaling lasers. The LBV can be fitted with a pair of red laser diodes that are mounted to the primary camera bracket. A small electronics board is also mounted to the camera bracket which enables the lasers to be turned on and off from the standard LBV hand controller accessory buttons.

Simple to use

When on the lasers are set at a distance of 50 mm (1.97in) apart. By placing the two red dots on the desired object the operator can estimate the size by knowing the set distance of 50 mm. This function is particularly useful for science research or inspections that are checking integrity of structures.

Tilts with primary camera

With the lasers mounted to the camera bracket they track with the camera providing the operator with the full camera range to utilize the laser scaling.

Effective range

Red does get absorbed in water so typical distances are less than 5 meters (16ft) with accuracy greater the closer the operator is to the object.

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