SmartFlight Automated Navigation

SmartFlight adds automated functions to the SeaBotix vLBV MiniROV. The system employs sensor fusion technology that minimizes hardware dependency while providing a full suite of automated features.

An intuitive user interface allows seamless target data import functionality from other systems such as AUVs and mosaic software. Sonar tracking enables precise object-based holding station and target orbiting. The system offers waypoint navigation, programmable search, and auto-height.

SmartFlight is available as an integrated option on new and as an upgrade for existing vLBV systems.

  • Return to target
  • Waypoint navigation
  • Holding station
  • Orbit target
  • Seamless integration with AUV/Mosaic software
  • Single intuitive GUI with Nav, Sonar, Video
  • Target tracking with Tritech Gemini Multi-Beam Sonar
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SmartFlight functions increase capability and reduce operator fatigue.

Auto functions
Depth, Heading, Altitude, Holding Station, Waypoint Navigation
Jog controls
X/Y/Z Axis, Yaw, Orbit CS/CCW
Target tracking
Tritech Gemini imaging sonar based target tracking
Seamless integration with AUV/mosaic software
Raster & vector based chart compatibility
User interface
Single intuitive GUI with nav, sonar, video diagnostics