Sound Metrics ARIS Sonar

Sound Metrics has developed the next generation in ultra high definition multibeam sonars with the ARIS Explorer. Now available on the vLBV300 with roll and pitch.

HD sonar imagery

Utilizing focused beam technology, 128 actual beams and ultra high 3MHz frequency the ARIS Explorer 3000 produces near camera like imagery and clarity for identification in black water conditions.

3D perception

A purpose built skid assembly including 180º roll and 30º pitch has been developed for the ARIS and vLBV300. With this skid the sonar head can be rolled 90º in either direction to provide a vertical view of the target thus creating a 3D perception. This unique approach gives the operator a clear picture of the target in the X, Y and Z planes. The roll can also be used for terrain matching. 15º pitch up or down provides the ability to optimize the sonar imagery depending on viewing the seafloor, mid water or surface.

Read a published article on 3D perception.

Mechanical and multibeam sonar combination

Use of a mechanical scanning sonar such as the Tritech SeaPrince or Kongsberg OC-ROV sonar provide a combined 360º coverage with ultra high resolution in the forward 30º. The mechanical sonar provides long range target acquisition and situational awareness while the ARIS provides identification quality close range imagery.

Intuitive software and controls

When combined with the award winning Integrated Navigation Console (INC) all ROV and sonar controls are in one console. The data is viewed on a single large format, ruggedized sunlight readable monitor. All data is captured to the built in computer.

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