USBL Tracking System

The Tritech International Micron Nav USBL tracking system is highly accurate yet simplistic approach to underwater positioning.

Accurate and intuitive

The Teledyne SeaBotix line of MiniROV systems can be equipped with the Tritech Micron Nav USBL positioning system offering accurate tracking of the ROV through an intuitive interface. No other system offers the degree of capability, range and simplicity.

Long range hemispherical coverage

The tracking system has an impressive range of over 500 meters (1,640ft). Unique to the Micron Nav system is the hemispherical coverage, where many systems have a narrow cone underneath the dunking transducer.

Easy installation without a special tether required

The responder/transponder easily fits to any Teledyne SeaBotix MiniROV. There is no need for a custom tether or dedicated comms channel. Either operate in responder mode through the Tritech Micron scanning sonar or in transponder mode through power only from the ROV.

Chart underlay real world positioning

The included SeaNet Pro software offers the ability to input geo referenced images such as Google Earth images to show real world position of the ROV or target. Multiple charts and/or images can be preloaded easily.

Sensor integrated software

The SeaNet Pro software offers full integration with the various Tritech sensors. Use the same software package to run sonar, tracking, video, altimeter, side scan, etc. Additionally, when recording all data is synchronized. For example when using with the Micron and Micron Sounder the video, positioning, sonar and sounder data is all recorded together.

Multiple target tracking

The Micron Nav system is able to track up to 16 targets simultaneously. You can track multiple ROVs, divers, static mounted transponders, etc. All viewable on the included SeaNet Pro software.

Complete system package

Included with the system:

  • Dunking transducer
  • ROV transponder/responder
  • SeaHub
  • Mounting hardware
  • Cables
  • Software
  • Manual
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