Video Image Enhancer

Teledyne SeaBotix offers the LYYN video enhancer to help correct color real time creating an improved image for the operator.

Clearer vision

A revolutionary product is available that in many ways corrects the lack of color. Swedish company LYYN has introduced a small piece of hardware that processes the video image real time to correct the low color quality. The result is a noticeable improvement in video clarity and object identification.

Adjustable enhancement

The simple hardware is fitted internally in the Teledyne SeaBotix control consoles with an input for video and output to the monitor and/or recorder. When powered on the LYYN has a variety of adjustments.

  • Degree of enhancement (LYYNIFICATION) – this selector allows the operator to fine tune the degree of enhancement based on the operating conditions.
  • Size – the size of the window being enhanced can be varied to full or partial screen
Real time or post processing

The LYYN provides real time enhancement for object identification and clearer imagery. In addition the LYYN can be used with already captured video footage to see if something was missed.

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