vLBV-10 “Sealift”

The vLBV-10 “SeaLift” system utilizes six powerful vertical thrusters to produce a lifting capacity of 18 kg and yet still maintain a compact design.

Heavy lifting capability

The vLBV-10 adds four additional powerful thrusters to the vertical position giving it an unprecedented 18 kg (40 lb) lifting capability. Maintaining the small vLBV design provides operators with a highly portable tool for precisely lifting/deploying/retrieving heavy objects.

Articulating grabber

To handle the heavy lifting the vLBV-10 is fitted with an articulating single function grabber arm. In standard configuration the grabber arm is pointed out front for easy view by the primary camera and of objects of interest. Once the object is grasped the grabber arm can be rotated down to be centered under the ROV for lifting. This articulation keeps the vLBV-10 attitude stable.

Powerful variable vector thruster configuration

Vectored thruster configuration provides amazing control in all horizontal directions, therefore the use offshore in demanding conditions. The vLBV-10 has impressive Bollard thrust with 18.1-22.5 kg f (40-50 pd f) forward. Thruster vector angle is variable from equal horizontal to forward optimized. Dual vertical thrusters offer greater vertical control and roll stabilization.

Optimized mechanical design

The vLBV-10 has undergone extensive mechanical design to optimize stability, capability, flexibility and serviceability. No other small ROV has had such attention to every detail as the vLBV line of ROV systems. The vLBV-10 is available in either 300 or 950 meter depth capabilities.

Ultra low drag, strong tether

The vLBV-10 uses the low drag tether that Teledyne SeaBotix has used in all it’s ROV system. At 8 mm (0.3 in) nominal diameter and 100 kg (220 pd f) working load the tether has minimal impact on the performance. The tether can be attached to the rear or top of the vLBV-10 depending on conditions.

Intuitive control system

Teledyne SeaBotix MiniROV controls have been regarded as the most intuitive of all small ROVs. The vLBV-10 is no different with the user friendly operator control unit and integrated control console.

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Depth Rating
300/950 Meters Seawater (MSW) – 1,000/3,116 Feet Seawater (FSW)
625 mm – 24.6 in
638 mm – 25.1 in
525 mm – 20.7 in
826 mm – 32.5 in
Weight in Air
30 kg – 66 lbs
Polyethylene bumper frame

Thruster configuration
Ten (10) Brushless DC thrusters – Four (4) vectored, six (6) vertical. Each thruster is identical and isolated
Bollard Thrust (forward)
18.1-22.5 kg f – 40-50 pd f (variable)
Bollard Thrust (vertical)
18 kg f – 40 pd f
Bollard Thrust (lateral)
7.3-15.2 kg f – 16.2-33.5 pd f (variable)

Cameras & Lighting
Camera Tilt
180 degrees
Diagonal Angle of View
65 degrees in water
Camera – Primary
600 line ExView color – 0.001 Lux
Manual focus control via hand controller.
Video Format
2 x 1,080 Lumen LED arrays. Variable intensity via operator control unit.
Tracking forward camera.
Control System
Hand controller, monitor and surface power supply built into protective case
Data Channels
4 x RS232/845 (115kb), 3 x 100base/t Ethernet
38 cm – 15 in color LCD
Heading, depth, temperature, pitch, roll
Auto Functions
Depth, heading, trim, roll compensation

Hand Controller
210 mm – 8.3 in
160 mm – 6.3 in
75 mm – 3 in
650 grams – 1.4 lbs
Single – forward, reverse, rotate left, rotate right, roll left, roll right
Joystick Steps
Vertical Thruster
Proportional control knob
Additional Controls
Membrane keypad – thruster gain control, trim, auto depth, auto heading, camera tilt, camera focus, camera switch, light On/Off, light intensity, accessories, video overlay position, power On/Off, programming keypad
I.P. 64 – splash proof

Integrated Control Console
452 mm – 17.8 in
328 mm – 12.9 in
173 mm – 6.8 in
20 kg – 44 lbs
Input Voltage
100-240 VAC
Power Requirement
3,000 Watts maximum
Isolated input power, circuit breaker, line insulation monitor, leak detector. Meets and exceeds “Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Electricity in Water”
Water Proofing
I.P. 64 – Splash proof

Surface Power Supply
718 mm – 28.25 in
784 mm – 30.875 in
717 mm – 28.25 in
31.1 kg – 68.6 lbs
Input Voltage
100-240 VAC
Power Requirement
4,250 Watts maximum
Isolated input power, circuit breaker, line insulation monitor, leak detector. Meets and exceeds “Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Electricity in Water”
Water Proofing
I.P. 64 – Splash proof

8-11.2 mm – 0.3-0.44 in nominal
250-1,250 meters – 820-4,100 feet
Working Strength
100 kg f – 220 pd f
Breaking Strength
700 kg f – 1,540 pd f
Strength Member
Neutral in fresh water – slightly positive in Seawater
Heavy duty reel with slip ring

On-Screen Information Display
Information Displayed
Thruster gain settings, light level, Trim On/Off, heading, depth, turns counter, camera angle, water temperature, time, date, user text
User Text
Up to 28 characters
Bottom, top or off
Quick menu, setup, calibrate, diagnostics, options

Spares, Tools and Manuals
Spares Contents
Fastener kit, seal kit, propeller, gel lube, Kluber grease, fuse
Tool Contents
1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 mm hex ball drivers, #1, #2 Phillips screw drivers, 10 mm socket driver, small straight blade screwdriver, 19 mm open end, vacuum pump
Spare Thruster
Brushless DC thruster assembly
Operators manual, service and repair CD-ROM


vLBV-10 vehicle depth rated to 300/950 MSW – 1,000/3,116 FSW
Ten (10) Brushless DC thrusters (4 vectored, 6 vertical)
Auto heading, depth and trim
Video overlay
Temperature sensor

Integrated Control System

Protective case fitted with monitor, surface power supply and operator control unit
38 cm (15 in) Color LCD monitor fitted in lid of case – waterproof
vLBV operator control unit – removable from lower tray of integrated console
Sunshade for direct sunlight operation


250-1,250 meters – 820-4,100 feet of tether
8-11.2 mm – 0.3-0.42 in diameter
100 kg f – 220 ft/lb working load
700 kg f – 1,540 ft/lb breaking strain
Connectors and strain relief

Cameras & Lighting

600 line Wide Dynamic Range color camera – 0.001 lux
2 x 1080 Lumen LED arrays tracking color camera
180 degree rotating camera chassis
65 degree diagonal angle of view in water

Transit Cases

Transit case for vLBV with custom closed cell foam, retractable handle and wheels
Transit case for tether on reel and spareswith custom closed cell foam, retractable handle and wheels
Integrated console

Spares, Tools & Manuals

Spare thruster assembly
Fasteners, seal kit, props, misc. spares
Tool kit
Vacuum pump
Operators manual


Two year limited warranty
24 hour technical support