A multichannel solid-state DVR, Digital Video Recorder standard used for the Novasub video control units.

With the NS-DVR2 you are able to record 1,2 or 4 channels at D1 and the New WD1 video standard resolution. The WD1 is a 960H video resolution which records the video image in a resolution of 960×576 pixels @ 20 fps. Using the new 700 TVL Novasub video cameras, you will be able to record this WD1 (960H) resolution.

The NS-DVR2 has a VGA and HMDI output to a monitor. The channels can be shown in 1, 2 or 4 channels. The 1 channel is  shown in full screen with 1 small channel (PIP). The 2 channel beside each other or on top of each other (PAP) and the 4 channels at once (Quad). Each channel has a built in date/time & data video overlay, a channel name overlay and 2x free text lines video overlay. The menu is controlled either by a mouse or the dedicated Novasub keypad. Recording is selected per channel by keypad button, or mouse control through the menu. The video files are per channel recorded on a Solid-State hard Disk (SSD). Also per channel a snapshot can be made and is stored on the SSD. A backup can be made of both files (video and snapshot) on a USB-storage device, an external hard disk or a USB-memory stick. The video files are back upped as a AVI format with a H264 compression. There is also a built in player to look back at your recorded files.

With a network connection the NS-DVR2 makes it possible to stream the video life over the network/internet using a browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Or the supplied CMS-software for viewing and playback of files.

  • 1,2 and 4 Channel recording
  • PAP, PIP, Quad and single view
  • Video text & data overlay
  • Snapshot function
  • WD1, 960H recording

Video overlay with and without background

The 4x video overlay lines can be positioned anywhere on the video window. The date/time & data lines are only for the actual date/time and incoming data (for example the data of a depth sensor). The channel line is the channel name plus free text (36 characters) and 2x lines free text with 36 character each. The overlay is recorded and visible in the snapshot. In PIP mode you will have one channel full screen and another channel smaller (1/4 or 1/9th Size). The PIP window can be placed anywhere on the main window.

Keypad control with integrated camera & light control

Keypad for 2 channel system. The keypad is for direct recording and snapshot function. With the arrows, OK, MENU and ESC you can scroll through the complete menu for all settings. The VIEW button is used to quickly jump through the different views, like PAP, PIP, Quad and single view. The CAM and LIGHT buttons are used to switch on the camera and light and control the light intensity in steps of 10%.