Pressure relief valves

DeepSea Power & Light products have earned a reputation for reliability in the most challenging environments and the latest pressure relief valve (PRV) is an excellent example. This adjustable PRV incorporates dual O-rings for maximum protection against leakage. The new PRV has the standard SAE J1926-1 Straight Thread O-Ring port in addition to the existing standard 7/16-20 threaded holes. The base of the new Dual O-ring Pressure Relief Valve is equipped with hexagonal sides for easy installation with a standard wrench and the valve stem incorporates a hex socket for adjustment without the need of a special spanner tool. The head of the valve stem can be flat or curved with a finger slot for manual operation/venting.

  • Ti, AI, and SS available;
  • Ultra small;
  • Dual O-ring option;
  • Adjustable Cracking Pressure;
  • 6,000 m or 11,000 m Depth Rated;
  • Vacuum Fitting and Installation Tool Available.

Product Documents

True Dual Seal O-ring

Dual O-ring/SAE Port

SAE Port Only

Mechanical specifications
 Ti 6 AI-4V,
Ti 6 AI-4V, 6061-T 6 AI, 316 SS (passivated)
316 SS (passivated)
 19.0 mm (0.75 in)
19.1 mm (0.75 in.) Wrench Flats
14.3 mm (0.56 in.) Wrench Flats
 16.0 mm (0.63 in)
24.8 mm (0.98 in.)
25 mm (0.98 in.)
Weight in Air
 8.3 g (0.29 oz)
14.1 g (0.49 oz.) for Titanium
12.89 g (0.46 oz)
7/16” – 20, with #4 SAE Port
7/16”-20, with #4 SAE Port
7/16”-20, with #4 SAE Port
Enviromental specifications
11 km
11 km (Ti) – 6 km (Al and SS)
6 km
-20º C to 200º C (-4º F to 392º F)
-20º C to 200º C (-4º F to 392º F)
-20º C to 200º C (-4º F to 392º F)
Cracking pressure
5 – 15 psi
 5 -15 psi
5 -30 psi