Seascape is official dealer of SUBSALVE USA lifting bags.

SUBSALVE USA is the world-leading innovator in buoyancy and engineered inflatables delivering the best products available all totally manufactured in the USA.

SUBSALVE USA has patented and trademarked designs, and is America’s #1 manufacturer of standard and custom underwater flotation devices. SUBSALVE has created systems for every branch of the U.S. Military in addition to more than 30 foreign navies, militaries and governments.

SUBSALVE USA manufactures open bottom, enclosed and custom flotation devices. Standard bags are available in lift capacities from 25 to 100,000 lbs. as well as custom flotation devices and systems for special applications that exceed the capabilities of our standard products.

The polyurethane difference

SUBSALVE is the only major lift bag brand that offers polyurethane-coated fabrics in all of their products. They use high-strength synthetic base fabrics including nylon, polyester, and Kevlar which have been coated with urethane and urethane blends. The result? The lift bags are more puncture-, abrasion-, and chemical-resistant than other conventional inflatables. This allows for a longer service life with less maintenance required. All SUBSALVE products are designed to perform in harsh and hostile environments. With their exclusive polyurethane coatings, you can count on them to get the job done like no other inflatable.

Products types
  • Commercial lift bags (open bottom parachute);
  • Professional lift bags (open bottom parachute);
  • Professional enclosed lift bags (enclosed bottom parachute);
  • Enclosed flotation bags (enclosed pillows);
  • Enclosed shallow water flotation bags (enclosed pillows);
  • Salvage pontoons (enclosed cylinders);
  • Salvage pontoons vertical (enclosed cylinders);
  • Mark V/Orca (underwater ordnance disposal system);
  • Vehicle recovery systems (auto, truck, bus & aircraft);
  • Quad bags (rapid recovery system);
  • Cable & pipeline floats;
  • Propeller bags;
  • Bomb recovery system;
  • Water load test bags – Crane load test bags;
  • Lifeboat davit weight test bags;
  • Fend air (inflatable marine fenders);
  • Aircraft lifting bags;
  • Pipe pluggers (inflatable pipe pluggers/stoppers);
  • Inflat-a-tank (flexible liquid storage bladders).

Each SUBSALVE USA product is tested prior to shipping, and must meet rigorous U.S. Department of Defense requirements and compliance with IMCA Standards.