NOVASUB Surface control unit with video and light control is in combination with camera’s and light an underwater CCTV system.

The Novasub camera and light control is based on the latest electronic technology and is specially designed for an outstanding video and light quality.

The system can control 1 to 8 video and light control channels. For example a Surface control unit with 4 video and 6 light channels (SCU-4V6L) or other combinations. The rear side of the SCU can be connected to a recorder or a monitor. The unit has a built in LED light and video transmission over twisted pair or coax controller for camera and light.

The video controller is auto tunable for any cable up to 600 m. The light is dimmable from 0-100%. The unit also has a NovaNET (rs485) connection to interface with other Novasub systems, like the SCU-DVR2 or DDG. NovaNET makes it possible to share data and control camera and light from the SCU-DVR2 recorders or NSDVR software for video recording & light control.

  • LED-light control
  • Video over twisted pair and coax controller
  • 100-240 VAC powered
  • 1 to 8 video and light control channels
Main power ON/OFF, Camera ON/FF, Light ON/OFF with dimming
Power supply
100-240 vac, 65 watt
6x FH311 fuse, 6x BNC for video out,3x rs485 (NovaNET)
Light control
0-100 % dimmable light control for the Novasub Lux3R or 6R and up to 30 watt halogen 12v lights
Video transmission
Video amplifier for video transmission over twisted pair or Coax, automatic cable length and type adjustments up to 600 m of cable.
19” 2U high – 265 mm deep (excluding connectors)