The NSHERO1 is an 500 m depth rated GoPro Hero 4+ camera and captures video and images for 1080p60 and 720p120, among other video resolutions.

The camera features 12 MP with up to 30 frames per second. It also has a built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with Protune for photos and video. Videos are filmed in an MP4 file format and are created from frames captured at set intervals to create a time lapse video.

The camera housing has a SD-Card Cap to quickly access the SD memory card which holds the recorded files. The SD card can be removed and quickly replaced by an empty card. The camera housing also has a network connection, which can be used to access the GoPro Hero4 using the activated Wi-Fi. The supplied software makes is possible to access the camera and change the recording settings.

The Hero4 can also be accessed using the GoPro app on a smartphone or tablet. The Hero4 Wi-Fi is activated using special scripts that needed to be installed on the SD-card.

  • Autonomous video recording (1080P@50 fps can store 8:44 hrs.)
  • Easy to use and install
  • WIFI enabled GoPro time lapse and scheduler accessory
Plastic (Acetal and Lexan)
Operating depth
500 m
External power 5V-1,5A
Recording time
Depends on resolution & framerate settings, ex. 128 Gb SD-Card and settings 1080P@50 fps can store 8:44 hrs. of recording
When external 5v is supplied the camera switches on and start recording. When external 5v power is disconnected the camera stops recording and switches off.
Internal battery is charged when 5v is supplied