Novasub has a range of underwater lasers with various power consumption and illumination level.

Novasub developed a series of lasers that are very compact, rugged and cost-effective subsea lasers. Available as a Laser Dot Green 5 mW (NSLDG-1) and a Laser Line Green 5 mW (NSLLG-1). Both formats have been designed for a wide range of subsea pointing, scaling and ranging applications.

A Class 3B laser is hazardous if the eye is exposed directly, but diffuse reflections such as those from paper or other matte surfaces are not harmful. Protective eyewear is typically required where direct viewing of a class 3B laser beam may occur.

Brackets are available to hold two NSLDG – Novasub Laser Dot Green and an underwater camera. The NSLDG-lasers produce two parallel laser beams which may be viewed on the camera monitor and can be used to estimate the distance to an object with reasonable accuracy.

  • Compact, rugged design
  • Available in Spot, Crosshair and Line versions
  • Mounting brackets available
  • Depth 1000 m
  • Subsea pointing
  • Scaling
  • Depth 2000 & 4000 m
  • Higher power output 10 – 100 mW
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Laser colour
532nm/ Green
111,6 mm x ø 26,5 mm (excl. Connector)
Material housing
SS 316
Voltage Input
10 – 36 Vdc
Weight in air
290 gr.
Current Input
100 mA
Weight in water
230 gr.
Beam Diameter
Operating depth
1000 m (optional 2000 & 4000 m)
Beam Mode
Mounting conn.
Jubilee clip grove
Beam Quality (M2)
< 1.1
Operating temp.
In water -10°C – +40°C
Beam Divergence
< 1.2 mrad
Warm-up Temp
20 to 35C
Storage Temp
-10 to 60C
Operating lifetime
~3,000 hours