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Multi SeaLite

The Multi SeaLite fills the void of a high performance light at a reasonable price. The multitude of configurations makes this light truly multi-purpose. Options include three depth ratings, three different reflectors, lamps in varying wattage and voltages, and four types of connectors.

Three different DeepSea-designed, user-interchangeable reflectors tailor the light’s output from a spot to even, “hot spot”-free medium and wide angle flood beam patterns. An external lens retaining cowl protects the borosilicate glass dome and acts as a baffle to prevent stray light from entering the water column, thus minimizing backscatter.

The Multi SeaLite is 1,000 msw (3,280 fsw) rated and available in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium housings. The aluminum version has a hard anodized body and an Ultem plastic cowl for increased corrosion resistance.

The Midwater Multi-SeaLite is 3,000 msw (9,843 fsw) rated and Deep Multi-SeaLite is 6,000 msw (20,000 fsw) rated and are available in a hard anodized aluminum body with an Ultem plastic cowl for increased corrosion resistance.

The Multi-SeaLite  utilizes the standard Mini-can screw based lamps. DeepSea’s unique socket design eliminates vibration related contact failures. This family of lamps is readily available off the shelf around the world, making accessibility to replacement lamps easy and economical. DeepSea also stocks a complete line of these lamps.


  • Most versatile subsea halogen light in the ocean
  • High performance at a reasonable price
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Available at 1,000m, 3,000m, and 6,000m depth ratings
  • Variable beam patterns
  • Multiple electrical configurations available