SeaLite Sphere 150 Series

The SeaLite Sphere 150 Series is a multipurpose LED light with increased output up to 11,000 lumens with a class-leading 73 lumens/watt and 33 lumens/gram (in water). Intelligent thermal rollback makes the 150 Series ideal for pre-testing of light system on-deck without risk of burning out the light or damage to components. Field-serviceable endcap allows access to the separated 10,000psi rated compartment which adds a barrier of protection from connector failures and resulting leak-throughs. Available with either a standard hard anodized aluminum housing or Titanium housing for the ultimate in long-term immersion durability and corrosion resistance to standard rating of 6,000m or full trench-depth 11,000m optional. Includes mounting bracket with titanium inserts available in either Imperial or Metric threading.

  • Up to 11,000 Lumens with a 85 degree Flood Beam
  • Hard anodized aluminum or titanium housing options
  • Intelligent flicker-free dimming
  • 6,000 m standard depth rating, 11,000 m optional
  • Operates in or out of water
  • Separated field-serviceable connector volume
  • Illuminated with Cree® LEDs