SeaLite Sphere 100 Series

The popular SeaLite Sphere 100 Series has evolved to offer field-serviceable connector replacement for a quick and easy repair in the field. The ability to change the connector without any special tools or the need to send the light back to the manufacturer has reduced downtime to a matter of minutes, saving users time and money. The SeaLite Sphere 100 Series advances beyond other LED lights by separating the connector from other internal electronic components to avoid downtime and costly repairs due to connector failures. The 8,700 psi pressure resistant compartment separates the connector and the rest of the light; which will make flooding due to a connector failure a thing of the past. DeepSea Power & Light further enhanced the new SeaLite Sphere 100 Series by widening its dimming range. The light allows users to smoothly transition within a dimming range similar to a halogen light. Pushing the edges of innovative engineering, DeepSea Power & Light has created a perfect LED replacement for a halogen light. Expanding on the goal of making the SeaLite Sphere 100 Series even more versatile and rugged, DeepSea Power & Light has introduced a new and improved mounting bracket. The new bracket consists of two halves that make installing and uninstalling a breeze, while incorporating Titanium inserts to prolong bracket longevity in salt water. Recognizing the global usage of this light, the mounting bracket is now being offered in either Metric or Imperial thread sizes to accommodate the universal usage of this popular light. The SeaLite Sphere 100 Series continues to operate successfully around the world, serving thousands of users in their applications from splash zones to depths of 6,000 meters and beyond.

  • 6,000 m (Standard) and 11,000 m (optional) depth rated
  • Up to 7,500 lumens
  • Wide range of smooth flicker-free dimming
  • Daylight White, Warm White, Color (Green, Red, Blue), IR, and UV configurable
  • Field-serviceable connector
  • Improved mounting bracket with titanium inserts available in both metric & imperial threads
  • Operates in or out of water
  • Illuminated with Cree® LEDs