The Novasub Pan & Tilt unit has a fully integration of camera and light control and is ideal for subsea surveillance.

The P&T is built with 2 motors, integrated control (RS485) and power supply. The tilt has rotating ends on both sides for mounting a camera on side and a light on the other. The camera (any composite camera) is interfaced to the built in controls and can be fully controlled from any standard CCTV PTZ controller with the Pelco-D protocol.

The position of the pan and tilt is constantly registered and the camera can quickly be directed to preset positions. For safety the P&T have mechanic end stops.

The unit has a built in video over twisted pair converter. This makes it possible to use and control the P&T over 600 m of twisted pair cables. The cable is connected on the bottom bracket connector. The bottom bracket has 4 fixing holes for installation. The camera and light connectors are routed on the P&T unit and are routed internally to the external cable connector on the fixing bracket.

Connected cameras can be controlled with RS485 or RS232. Connected light can be controlled by 0-5 volt.

  • Fully stainless steel 316
  • Extreme ruggedized
  • Built in zoom camera & light control
  • Operates on standard CCTV PTZ controllers
  • Fixed installations
  • Drop down systems
  • Rov systems
  • CCTV systems
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Working depth
100 meters (optional 300 m)
Test depth
120 meters
SS 316
Birns, MCBH12M
345° @ 15 Nm, speed 12°/s
180° @ 15 Nm, speed 12°/s
24-40 vdc, 20 watt
P&T control
RS485, 4800 bps Pelco-D
Camera control
Internal RS232/485 programmable
interface based on Pelco-D protocol.
Light control
0-5 volt
16 preset position programmable
Video transmission
Video over twisted pair (< 600)
6 kg.
Other type of control, position feedback.