Product Documents

LYYN Hawk Board

The LYYN Inside solution for analog video PAL/NTSC integration board.

The LYYN Hawk Board is the ideal solution for advanced users, product manufacturers and system integrators that want to have lyynification fully integrated into their own solution.

Simple integration

The kit contains all the necessary parts for simple plug-and-play integration. You connect your video either to the board’s micro connectors or to the included standard BNC connector card. The board can be controlled by the manual control panel included or by software over a standard RS232/485 serial interface.

Standard control panel for manual control

A thin “membrane” panel is included, which can be mounted and sealed to a flat surface with the adhesive backing. If the application requires a watertight seal LYYN recommends extra mechanical mounting. The panel is connected to the LYYN Hawk Board with a flat cable (included).

Software control

The Hawk Board can be controlled remotely through a standard RS232/485 serial interface over a flat cable connector. A simple standard communications program, like “HyperTerminal” in Windows or “QuickTerm” in Mac OS X, can be used to send ASCII text-based commands. You can also write scripts and software on your own control platform for a more integrated solution.

Video synchronization

The LYYN Hawk Board has three video synchronization modes. The video output can be synchronized to the video input, an external synchronization signal on a separate micro connector can be used or an Time Based Corrected signal can be obtained by controlling the delay.

  • Analog PAL/NTSC video
  • Complete kit with all the necessary parts for simple plug-and-play integration
  • Standard control panel for manual control
  • Software remote control

Video standards

PAL 625-line 25 fps or NTSC 525-line 30 fps, autosensing of format. Standard composite or S-video (separate luminance and chrominance).

Physical connectors

Video I/O: Hirose microconnectors. Separate video connector board with standard BNC connectors and cables included
External sync signal: Hirose microconnector
Two control ports, one for the control panel included and one for software control through an RS interface
Included in the package:
4 micro BNC connector cables
1 connector board with 4 BNC connectors


Nominal input voltage: 12 V DC, 0.2 A.

Operating conditions

Temperature: 0 — 50 °C (32 — 122 °F)
Humidity: 0 — 80% RH (non-condensing)

Dimensions and weight

Hawk Board: 96 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 150 g
Mounting holes: 4 x M3
Control panel: 80 mm x 50 mm x 1 mm
RS232/485 serial protocol
ASCII text-based commands
Flat cable connector
window position
window size